• Studying functional and space  requirements.
  • Studying social, environmental and  economic needs.
  • Planning & Schematic design of  concepts.
  • Exterior architectural design.
  • Design development.
  • Architectural consulting review. 
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Interior Design

  • Studying or re‐planning of internal  spaces.
  • Studying initial estimate of internal  implementation costs.
  • Planning and design of the interior  environment, colors, materials,  lighting, furniture, and other  equipment etc…
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Landscape Architecture

  • Planning and Designing of public and  privet parks with studying aesthetic,  constrictive and operational solutions for hardscape, soft cape and water  elements.
  • External lighting designing for  landscape and building elements.
  • Choosing green landscaping which  suite climate prevailing environment  in the project area. 
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Supervision & Project management

  • Preparing and reviewing contract  documents.
  • Coordination with the interior  designer or others. 
  • Evaluating the execution contractors  and submitted offers.
  • Construction Bidding.
  • Construction submittals and  approvals.
  • Managing project implementation  period and cost.
  • Site supervision work.
  • Site periodical reports. 
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Structural Engineering

Consulting and detailing of architectural, structural, electrical and plumbing engineering sections for low and height buildings.

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